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About Access Answering Service in Roseburg Oregon offering reliable professional answering services in southern oregon

About Access Answering Service


Amber Penner, owner of Access Answering Service in Roseburg Oregon, has a passion assisting her business clients with the best telephone answering services in southern oregon
Access Answering Service is a home grown business in Roseburg Oregon with a big heart.

We are a small home-grown business with a big heart...

We are a little village that has been through a lot together and has grown together.

My name is Amber Penner, and Access Answering Service has been my passion since July 2001. I’ve grown this business out of my home into the flourishing facility we are in today,


We are located in Roseburg, Oregon. My family and friends, some I’ve known for years, are the core of this business. We inspire each other to be the best for our clients.


"We run on coffee, a sense of humor, and our close-knit connection, through the fun days and the tougher ones"

Over the years, we have developed relationships with our clients - we’ve laughed and gotten over the hurdles together.

We know running a business involves a lot, and we are here for you. We hope you’ll feel at home with us as we help your business thrive, because here...


...we are family!

Let's Talk About Your Business, Call Us Today...

We Guarantee you will NOT get an Answering Machine!

Toll Free  1.877.957.9909 | 541.957.9909

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